Playground with Ghost 7B Alpha

To make it easy for everyone to quickly experience the model through platforms like Google Colab and Kaggle. We’ve made these notebooks available so you can get started right away.


We offer notebooks with a wide selection of tools and platforms so you can easily get started. Here are some available options for you to try right now. Let’s pick one to get started.


Playground using Transformers

The default will be to use transformers to generate model text.

There are currently two language versions: English and Vietnamese. In each version, it will be almost the same. The content will include installation instructions and functions to help get started quickly with experiencing the model’s text generation capabilities. In addition, it also provides examples with system prompts for each field so you can better understand them.

Revealing, experience with Kaggle will give you much better results in creating documents than Colab. We recommend using Kaggle.

Playground using Unsloth

Here, everything will be similar to the notebooks above using transformers, the only difference is that unsloth is used instead of transformers.

Why use unsloth ? Unsloth reported that they can make model inference faster than the default transformers, which is worth a try. [source]


Hope you will be surprised and love the questions and the way the model answers.